Online resources useful for JEE and in general

I can’t remember ‘many’ resources which are present online, mostly because I didn’t use many. However, the ones I used, I used them a lot.

Resources I find useful:

Word of Caution: Obviously, the above online resources aren’t specifically designed for JEE, so you should explore them with your own discretion. I found things on wiki to be easily distinguishable between relevant or interesting or too advanced (I didn’t explore while categorizing but it seems easy to do so). However, with online courses it is much harder. I took some rotational motion and SHM after I had already taken classes on it and been familiar with it. It went pretty easy, and hence boring, for me. However, in the end I realized I could understand the topics way more conceptually than before. There was a significant increase in how well I ‘understood’ the ‘concepts,’ even though my question solving ability remained the same. (Eg. I realised that torque can only be defined around a point, while angular momentum can be defined along a point or an axis both). I don’t think this amount of conceptual understanding is necessary for JEE, but it might be helpful in, say, physics Olympiads.