Even though the rest of the websites is mostly "tips and advice" for various competitions, this webpage just lists out all of my achievements (ranks and qualifications) in various competitions or otherwise. This webpage has three different sections separated chronologically.

At MIT (after high school)

I have to confess that I am slightly disappointed by the lack of quantitative achievements after entering college. This might be because college life is not as dominated by competitions as high school life. However, I am happy with my friends at MIT and the research I have performed.

11th and 12th grade

Should I call these my pinnacle years? Hopefully not; there is a lot out there to achieve.

Till 10th grade

There are not a lot of spectacular achievements till 10th grade but there are some interesting and canonical ones.


1. Still sad that Indian government didn't allow us to participate in the individual competition.

2. Ok, technically, this is after I started studying at MIT, but come on.

3. All of them were cancelled due to COVID-19.

4. Also met Rakesh Sharma (the only Indian astronaut) and K Sivan (chairman of ISRO).

5. It is ironical that I got a pretty low score in data analysis of the main olympiad.

6. Not sure what those mean but I got certificates for them.