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Some reputed or non-reputed but amazing exams. Would recommend all of them!


If you don’t know, NTSE is a major scholarship exam organised by NCERT usually taken by 10th grade students. I don’t remember much about my preparation. For stage 1, I used to prepare by reading Social Science state board textbooks (which was a major hassle for CBSE people). Then, I think I solved many Mental Ability questions from all sorts of books and gave regular tests, which provided me most of the practice. I qualified Stage-I by ~0.47 marks so don’t depend much on what I did. For stage 2, I read, and had classes, on social science CBSE chapters which were not covered in our boards. I had regular mock tests (once in 2 days) for about 40 days if I recall correctly and got all my MAT practice from those tests and some extra books from coaching. However, I found that social science questions in such books and mock papers weren’t so close to actual paper so try to find actual papers (I am not sure if they are available at all/or even if I used them). My JEE preparation had started during this time so that was all I could do to prepare for NTSE. I got 174/200 marks in the stage-2 NTSE.



Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Exam

Online Physics Brawl



AMC/AIME are Pre-RMO/RMO/INMO counterparts for USA IMO team. They are more objective than RMO/INMO. I got to know about it through INMOTC and reminded during INMO by him. For more official information about it, visit the MAA website

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